“You could be having the worst day and coming to SPURS puts everything in perspective. It’s an incredible blessing watching the riders’ faces; seeing their fears turn to confidence and smiles over time.” – Volunteer



Volunteering makes it possible for children and adults facing special challenges to experience the unique joys of learning to ride, caring for animals and bonding with their horses, fellow riders, instructors and volunteer helpers. Our volunteers often comment that although they came to give, they end up receiving so much more back. Both riders and volunteers alike find their time with SPURS immensely rewarding.



Volunteers are the vital life-blood of the SPURS program. Each one is trained to groom and tack horses, lead horses, and walk alongside our riders, helping to support and stabilize them.

Volunteers also assist with special events and fundraisers. Many different volunteering opportunities are available.




Please call (605) 226-1099 for more information about volunteer opportunities to help our students achieve their goals. SPURS is happy to accommodate virtually any arrangement.

Snickers was so sweet

Snickers was so sweet to me at the last class at the end of the season. She gave me the longest best hug! I have never experienced that affection from a horse before. It was such a good and rewarding feeling; the best way to end the year.


Oh Hootie!

Hootie can be a pill but I love her. She is a big mare and is gentle around the riders.


You feel good inside

I enjoy all the people, and appreciate the staff at SPURS. It’s the one organization that when you finish your volunteer work for the day, then go home, you feel good inside and you feel you have helped someone accomplish a lot!!!


My happy place

For me, this is my happy place. Thank you for giving me this experience!


Therapeutic and healing

I believe you find yourself when you lose yourself in the service of others. Not only am I making a difference by giving and serving others at SPURS, I am receiving too. My time and experiences have been therapeutic and healing for me as well.